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BlogDIY Websites vs Professionally Built Websites

DIY Websites vs Professionally Built Websites

DIY Websites vs Professionally Built Websites

When considering a new website there's a lot of decisions to make. The biggest question is whether you want to use a do-it-yourself website builder like Wordpress or Wix, or speak with a professional. To make the right decision, it's important to look at each option and consider what each one has to offer, even in this DIY era. Every company has different needs and different budgets, so when you find yourself trying to make this decision, consider the following:

  1. Your Budget
    The budget that you can allocate to a website is one of the biggest factors when making this decision. The do-it-yourself platforms can be fairly cheap, starting as low as $10/month, while a professionally designed website can cost a few thousand dollars. That low number is enticing, but don't get tricked into thinking it's the way to go. With pre-built templates, you're paying for WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get). In a way, you're stuck. By investing in a custom made website, you're also investing in the ability to be dynamic, and the possibilities are endless. Custom made means you're never paying for WYSIWYG, but rather WYWIWYG (What You Want is What You Get – okay I made that one up..)

  2. Your Online Needs
    Some websites are simple to design and may only need a few pages. If this is the kind of site you have in mind, then a website builder might be the way to go for you. It's not uncommon to want or need more than that though. When your needs are more complex, your better option is to seek help. A website professional can take your unique ideas and turn them into something interactive and beautiful, no matter how different they may seem. The more customized your ideas are, whether it's in the design or the way the website functions, the more it makes sense to work directly with a professional.

  3. Maintenance
    A DIY website usually comes with automatic updates, both on the platform it's built on, and with the purchased theme, which means you often don't need to worry about doing them. But don't be fooled! It doesn't necessarily mean you're safe from impending doom. Sometimes the case is that certain widgets (third party plugins you add to your website for different features) you're using will become obsolete, and the developers stop maintaining them. This could lead to website functionality decreasing, or even the website breaking entirely. It could also lead to potential security risks, which leaves you and your website vulnerable to hackers. When you have your website professionally done, everything is usually built under one roof (with the exception of tying in to third party programs), and the base structure is often setup to last a couple of years. When working with a web site builder, sometimes you'll need to settle with a widget that's missing some features, but for the most part it's what you want. A web professional can deliver a well rounded widget that has all of your desired functionality included, and you won't need to settle for anything less (because you deserve the best!)

  4. Time
    One of the biggest aspects to think about is time. Do you have any? Building a website on your own, even with a website builder, could be very time-consuming, and sometimes you just don't have any. We all wish there were 50 hours in a day, but let's face reality. When you go with a professional, you're paying into that extra time. They'll ensure that the job gets done, and in a timely manner, versus you trying to get one page up in between bites of your tuna sandwich on your lunch break. It might never get done. Consider everything else you need to do before deciding if you do or don't have enough time to dedicate to working on a new website on your own.

So consider these 4 points the next time you find yourself in a fork in the road when it comes to your new website. It's important to think about the long-term, but also the here and now. If you think you'll be in it for a long time, investing in the future might not be such a bad idea. Even if you're unsure, talk to a website specialist and see what they can offer before diving in.

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